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About us

Webthread is a web design and web development agency in Perth, Western Australia. We've been in the industry for seven years.

What we do

We specialise in website design, website development, branding, search engine optimization, online media and high-level customer support.  Every project delivers highly functional websites that are easy to use and meet the needs of the client.

Why webthread?

We have a good understanding of all the key parts of online business ventures. We have a knack for explaining things in human terms letting you understand what's important, why it's important, if it's good for you, and why it has a particular cost involved. We help people solve their business issues with working solutions using tried and tested methods but still pushing the creative boundaries. You always have access to the person who built your website. Your website is tailored to suit your needs and ready to expand with you.

What excites us?

We feel the web is the way forward in both business and society. It's exciting to see how quickly the web changes - how we view the world - how it lets us connect, create and learn in such an easy and accessible way.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to treat others how we want to be treated. Corny? Maybe, but we're comfortable wearing that because we really believe it. Understanding other people is the goal in any relationship - personal relationships as well as clients. Treating each project and/or website as if it were our own business results in the best possible outcome for our clients. Good service is the underpinning for all good businesses. MindMe Health Tool
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What we know, for sure

Website design is a very quick-moving field. You need a passion for it beyond getting paid to keep current with the new technologies. It has the power to connect people beyond anything we can realise. The web is fast becoming the most powerful medium for communication and outreach making a web strategy vital to any business with a message. It's great fun and frustrating at the same time.  Good clean design with the right functionality is the perfect model for any business.

Why 'webthread' for a company name?

The word 'thread' resonated with us for many reasons. It can exist on its own or join with other threads to form an entirely different fabric. It implies singular as well multiple threads. We wanted a name that encapsulated our view of being an individual on the web that was also connected to the larger web. We start with one thread - one website - and weave it into a completely integrated online presence.

Nik Rivas-Barnao
Founder, Project Manager Nikiel Rivas-Barnao

Take off
We provide the support and security of being local. We can come to you, or you come to us.
We respect your privacy and always keep your projects and information secure. We all hate spam!
On an average day we put power back into the grid. We are truly carbon neutral.
Paper is a thing of the past. We reckon trees are heaps more awesome.
We believe in keeping this planet in a good condition. If your project is eco friendly you will get a discount. We also do Pro bono for those special projects.